Shri. G.R. Sharma


Limkheda Vibhag Yuvak Education Society

Welcome to Arts College of Limkheda

I am extremely happy to be the principal of Arts college Limkheda, since 1992. In these past years as a Principal, I have put in my utmost efforts to develop this college from it’s infancy to a full-fledged college till date. I nourished it as my very own child and in this long journey I witnessed many challenges to bring it to its present stage of silver jubilee. The successful completion of 25 years of job with this achievement was not easy. All this was not possible single handedly, so I owe the credit of success to the collective efforts of the Governing Body of College Management, the active co-operation of my dear Faculty Member, ever smiling support of the Administrative Staff and the obedience of my dear students and the friendly support of the Students’ Parents. At this stage I cannot forget the co-operarion of the ctiziens of Limkheda. In the quest for Quality the famous lines of Robert Frost ( “And miles to go before I sleep”) prove to be a guiding principle to me. I heartily welcome the visitors of this site and also welcome their suggestions.